It's me, Plux!

As you probably have figured out I’m named Plux and I spend most of my time I Stockholm, Sweden where I work for the company Daisy Grace where I run the e-commerce side of things as Head of Operations

But many long nights ago I started my career as a developer, working with various things in the process industry when I decided to shift my focus over to e-commerce. Somewhere along the way, I ended up as an Operations Specialist for Daniel Wellington and have been working with various companies in the past.

I have a strong passion for tech-related stuff, but few things make me happy in the way diagrams do, so probably two of my favorite daily tools at the moment is Microsoft Excel and Tableau where I spend most of my time finding out new ways to look at numbers.

On this blog, you can expect to find all sorts of random ramblings about anything that interests me at the moment and that might vary over time. Most tutorials and howtos are also a way for me to remember stuff I’m doing at the moment so I can reference it later. But if that can help you out somewhere along the way it would be fantastic!